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MacDNAsis Results for
Arylalkylamine (Serotonin)-N-Acetyltransferase

Amino Acid Sequences:

Homo sapiens
Drosophila melanogaster
Mus musculus
Danio rerio
Gallus gallus

Multiple Sequence Alignment of the above Amino Acid Sequences
Phylogenetic Tree

Homo sapien cDNA results:

Homo sapien cDNA
Amino Acid sequence as translated from cDNA
Largest ORF
Predicted molecular weight
Hydropathy Plot - there are at least three domains that reach above the 2.oo on the hydropathy plot suggesting that this protien is an integral membrane protien.
Antigenicity Plot - there are multiple portions of this protien that couls be used to generate a peptide if you wanted to make a monoclonal antibody against the peptide.  The possibilities include aa 1-50 among others.  Basically, any portion of the protien that appears above the green line on this plot would be a good possiblity.  However, the highest peak, and therefore probably the best choice, occurs around aa position 40-50.
Predicted Secondary Structure

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