*This web page was created as an assignment for an undergraduate course at Davidson College*


My Favorite Yeast Expression

In this webpage I investigated the expression of my favorite annotated and non-annotated yeast genes. This investigation into their expression profiles was done by examining DNA microarray studies. DNA micrarrays are glass slides to which genes are covalently linked. Using these slides scientist can study the transcription levels of an entire genome at one time. Using this high-throughput method is altering genetic research. Using DNA microarrays genes with similar expression patterns can be grouped together. Based on these groupings inferences can be made about the function of uknown genes. For this website the annotated gene TKL1's function was verified using DNA microarrays. The hypothesized function of LEE1 was then tested using DNA microarray data. Click on the links below to see these investigations (Campbell and Heyer 2003).


Yeast expresion info for the annotated yeast gene TKL1

Yeast expression info for the non-annotated yeast gene LEE1


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Campbell M. and L. Heyer. 2003. Discovering Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics. Benjamin Cummings.