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You can subscribe to GCAT's Synthetic Biology e-mail discussion list (know as GCATChip-L). The purpose of GCATChip-L is to connect faculty members who are using or want to use DNA microarrays in their undergraduate courses. When you subscribe to GCATChip-L, you will receive a copy of all email messages sent to GCATChip-L by anyone. GCATChip-L receives messages and redistributes them to everyone who has subscribed.

How does GCATChip-L work?

Messages intended for all subscribers to read and discuss should be sent to GCATChip-L@davidson.edu. Anyone who has subscribed to GCATChip-L can post an email to all readers.

How do I subscribe to GCATChip-L?

To participate in GCATChip-L, you must subscribe to it; you have to subscribe yourself. To subscribe yourself, send an email to:


Do not have any subject - leave it blank.


The body of the email message should not have any signatures and should look like this:

 SUBSCRIBE gcatchip-L (your name here)

(your name here) would be what you want this listserv program to call you, e.g. Malcolm Campbell. The listserv software automatically picks up the email address the person is sending from and uses that.

When you successfully subscribe yourself to GCATChip-L, you will receive an email asking you to verify your subscription. This step has been added to prevent someone from signing you up without your permision. The verifying email will look like this:


Your command:


has been received. You must now reply to this message (as explained below) to complete your subscription. The purpose of this confirmation procedure is to make sure that you have indeed requested to be added to the list.

To confirm the execution of your command, simply point your browser to the following URL:


Alternatively, if you have no WWW access, you can reply to the present message and type "ok" (without the quotes) as the text of your message. Just the word "ok" - do not retype the command. This procedure will work with any mail program that fully conforms to the Internet standards for electronic mail.

If you receive an error message, try sending a new message to LISTSERV@DAVIDSON.EDU (without using the "reply" function - this is very important) and type "ok 500336DA" as the text of your message.

Finally, your command will be cancelled automatically if LISTSERV does not receive your confirmation within 48 hours. After that time, you must start over and resend the command to get a new confirmation code. If you change your mind and decide that you do NOT want to confirm the command, simply discard the present message and let the request expire on its own.


You should save this welcome message because it has important information about unsubscribing from the list and your list owner may include text at the end of the file that you will need to read.

How do I send mail to GCATChip-L?

If you want to send mail to GCATChip-L, you will type in the listís name at the To: prompt. For example, to send a message to the list GCATChip-L, you would send a message to GCATChip@listserv.davidson.edu:

How do I see a list of members for GCATChip-L?

If you want to see who else has subscribed to your list, send the following command in an email message (no subject line and no signature) to listserv@davidson.edu:

review GCATChip-L 

How do I unsubscribe from GCATChip-L?

If you want to unsubscribe from GCATChip-L, send "signoff gcatchip-L" to listserv@davidson.edu as follows:

Summary of ListServ Commands

Good luck using GCATChip-L.Conatct Malcolm Campbell if you have any problems. macampbell@davidson.edu


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