GCAT T-shirt Design

Dr. Karmella Haynes has designed a new GCAT T-shirt. We are using the Zazzle system to allow you more freedom and convenience in ordering your shirt, and to get us out of the T-shirt business. Follow the directions below if you want to view and/or order some T-shirts.


1. Before you can purchase a shirt from Zazzle, you must register (registration is free). Go to http://www.zazzle.com/ and click "login" in the upper right corner.

2. After you have registered and logged in, visit either link to purchase a shirt:

3. Play with the style options (shirt type and size). The base price (white T-shirt, S-XL) is $16.45. Note that the prices change according to the options you choose.

4. After you have chosen your size, style, and number of shirts, add the item to your shopping cart. You can add additional shirts (of different styles and sizes) to your cart as well.

5. Check out and wait for your shirt to arrive. You're done! Orders are processed the next business day and shipping is as slow or fast as you are willing to pay.

Zazzle shirts are of great quality (the Davidson iGEM team ordered some last year and they looked terrific) and there's no minimum order.


If you have any questions or would like to participate, contact Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell

Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell
Biology Department
Davidson College
P. O. Box 1719
Davidson, NC 28036-1719

phone: (704) 892-2692
fax: (704) 892-2512
email: macampbell@davidson.edu

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