Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Neuroscience Filled

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Postdoctoral teaching programs in science provide undergraduate institutions with recently trained faculty to teach their students and invigorate departmental programs. The postdoctoral fellows gain an opportunity to learn from excellent teachers who maintain active, undergraduate-based research programs and an experience that will lead them to their own tenure-track position.

Each Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow will be given a two year contract. The contracts of the two Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows will overlap, with the first contract beginning in year two of the grant and the second contract beginning in year three. The Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows will be expected to:

  • observe their mentor’s teaching and develop student-centered teaching materials;
  • present occasional lectures in their mentor’s classes during the first year of their contract;
  • teach one laboratory course during both semesters of the second year of their contract;
  • establish a research program involving undergraduates, beginning in the first year of the contract;
  • write core components of applications for tenure-track positions, including a teaching philosophy statement, a research program outline, and cover letters; and
  • attend educational meetings to network and learn from faculty at other institutions.

Each Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow will work very closely with one tenured faculty mentor from biology or neuroscience. The faculty mentors will shepherd the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows through their two-year experience and receive release time of one course/semester during the second year. Teaching by example, each mentor will:

  • welcome the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow into his or her classroom and laboratory;
  • provide feedback on all classes taught by the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, as well as the Fellow’s interactions with undergraduates in the laboratory;
  • encourage the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow to join Davidson’s non-tenured faculty discussion group;
  • share resources on teaching pedagogies; and
  • assist the Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in developing application materials for tenure-track positions.

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