Rule #3: Use Text as Reference

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We will begin looking at the biology of AIDS by looking at the target of HIV, the immune system.
Brief Overview Reading:
Chapter 39

Focused Reading

Rule #4: Provide Study Questions

1. What does the immune system do and, in general, how does it do it?

2. Which arm of the immune system is more effective against protein and bacterial antigens? Which arm is more effective against viruses and tumors?

3. How do viruses target specific cells? From an evolutinary perspective, explain why a cell would have a viral target (receptor) in its plasma membrane if this molecule allows the cell to be infected and killed.

4. Which cell of the immune system is the primary target for HIV? What role does this cell play in immunity?

5. What is CD4 and what does it do in a healthy immune system? How is this molecule related to HIV?

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