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The "Projects"

Review of a Molecular Method - In this assignments we were asked to describe a molecular method related to those we covered during the first three weeks of class.
To check out the new method that I researched - click here.

Exploring a Protein in Depth - There are two parts to this assignment. The first is to choose a common eukaryotic protein (Your Favorite Protein), find a  Rasmol Image of it from one species, and then predict the what the homolog would look like in other species.  The second part of this assignment is to find cDNA sequences for this protein from several different species. To check it out - Click here.

Analyzing cDNA using MacDNAsis - In this assignment, we analyze the cDNA and amino acid sequences that we gathered in the last assignment.  To see the results of these analyses - Click here.

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Pics of myself and friends - This is under constro, but I've got one up for now.

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