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Welcome to Andy Kazama's Molecular Biology Homepage

Thank you for choosing to visit my Molecular Biology Homepage.  This is not a commercial site, but if you would like to pay me for doing these just click on my name at the bottom of this page.  Here let me make it easy for you....

Figure 1. This is Hawaii, where I will live someday. Click on the Picture to go to more pictures of paradise.

In this web page you will find links to other web pages that I have designed, as well as information on:
1. A yeast two-hybrid system for discerning differential interactions using multiple baits
2. My Favorite Protein: Cytochrome C Polypeptide II
3. A MacDNAsis analysis of my favorite protein
4. A review of a molecular biology paper

I have designed two other web pages:
The Physiology of Stress (Yes, I know it has a bad case of the uglies.  It was my first one so be easy!)
Tlinget-Haida Regional Housing Authority (comercial site should be up any day now)


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