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HISTONE H1 GenBank Search

by David Lamar

Histone H1 is a protein important in DNA packing.  DNA packing is condensing of chromatin into chromosomes.  This processes allows a very large amount of DNA to fit into the nucleus of a cell.  The primary unit of DNA packing is a nucleosome.  It consists of about 200 bps of DNA rapped around a eight-histone complex.  Histone H1 holds secures the DNA to the histone complex.  (See Figure 1).  To see a RasMol image of Histone H1 click here.  To see this result of a MacDNAsis analysis of histone H1 click here.

Fig. 1.  Nucleosome made up of DNA (red), Histone octomer (black) and Histone H1 (green).  (Permission to use requested)

Histone H1 is very important for any cell that has chromosomes.  Because it is so prevalent, histone H1 can be used to compare genetic changes among many different organisms.  Below are the results of a GenBank search for histone H1 in 5 different eukaryotic organisms.  Click on the genus/species name of each organism to retrieve the histone h1 gene information for that organism.

Organism Amino acid sequence? Nucleotide sequence?
Homo sapiens Yes Yes, whole gene
Echinolampas crassa Yes No
Mus musculus Yes No
Drosophila melanogaster Yes No
Mytilus edulis Yes Yes, whole gene

To view the results of a MacDNAsis analysis using histone click here.

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