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    Glad you could make it to the world premier of a Bill Monroe web page.

    My Molecular Biology page is going to discuss a variety of theories, techniques, and products that allow scientists to continually increase our knowledge of the molecular world.

    Learn more about a product that allows for fast cloning of PCR DNA: Invitrogen's TOPO TA Cloning system.

    View the GenBank search for Alcohol Dehydrogenase

    View the MacDNAsis results for Alcohol Dehydrogenase

    And if you are Dr. Campbell, you can read my review of the 1999 Cell paper: Tissue-Specific Knockout of the Insulin Receptor in Pancreatic b Cells Creates an Insulin Secretory Defect Similar to that in Type 2 Diabetes.

But since Molecular Biology is not my entire life, here are some sites that I have found particularly interesting:

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        And now that it is getting warm, let keep you on top of your game.

last update: 4/16/99

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