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Hi, my name is Lisa Armstrong, and I'm a senior Biology major at Davidson College from Morristown, NJ.  I am Pre-med and hoping to go to medical school next year (cross your fingers for me....).  Yet since, I haven't gotten in yet, I still have to work in my classes (just kidding mom, dad, and dr. campbell). Anyway, this page is for my Molecular Biology class, so look down below for some cool molecular links.  I know that this page is really boring right now, but keep on checking in, and I promise it will get more interesting! (hey who knows I may even put some pictures on it if i can figure out how...).  One more thought before I go, each link to the page takes me about 10-24 hours to complete, and I never even tried to do a web page before this class, so please be patient.

                  (please be patient this page is under construction...)
-To learn more about PixCell II Laser Capture Microdissection click here
-To see my Genbank search for Aldolase A click here.
- To see my page on MacDNAsis of Aldolase A click here.
- To see my review on Human Autoantibodies paper click here.
- To see my resume click here.
                    Coming soon to this page:
                            Pictures of me!!!!!!
  To learn more about other fun things in molecular biology, check out these fun pages: Molecular Biology Home Page, or Immunology Home Page.

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