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SpAN gene regulatory region

LOCUS       PR_SPAN        421 bp                    INV       02-APR-1998
DEFINITION  SpAN, astacin-type protease, promoter
DBSOURCE    GENBANK:  name S82534, accession S82534          
SOURCE      sea urchins 12-hr embryo.
  ORGANISM  Echinoidea
            Eukaryotae; mitochondrial eukaryotes; Metazoa; Echinodermata;
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 421)
  AUTHORS   Kozlowski,D.J., Gagnon,M.L., Marchant,J.K., Reynolds,S.D.,
            Angerer,L.M. and Angerer,R.C.
  TITLE     Characterization of a SpAN promoter sufficient to mediate correct
            spatial regulation along the animal-vegetal axis of the sea urchin
  JOURNAL   Dev. Biol. 176 (1), 95-107 (1996)
  MEDLINE   96224231
  REMARK    GeNet staff at the IHC&DB created this entry from the original journal 
            article. This sequence comes from Fig. 5 and 1.
COMMENTS    Sequences within 300 bp upstream of the transcription start site are 
            sufficient for high-level activity and correct non-vegetal expression of SpAN.CAT 
            transgenes. However this region is not sufficienet to shut down the
            transcription from the endogenous SpAN gene shortly after very 
            blastula stage. This sequence contains at least six separable regions of
            protein-DNA interactions.  All identified sites confer positive regulation.
            Sites I, II, IV and V bind distinct factors, while sites III and VI bind 
            SpGCF1 factor. Site II contains CCAAT box. Sies II and V are essential for 
            high-level promoter activity. SpAN probes containing sites IV and II were 
            competed efficiently by SpHE competitor fragments containing correspondingly
            SpHE sites IV and SpHE sites V and IV.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..421
     gene            1..421
                     /note="astacin-type protease"
     mRNA            304..>421
     protein_bind    28..57
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting
     protein_bind    84..103
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting
     protein_bind    123..152
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting                      
     protein_bind    167..184
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting
     protein_bind    198..228
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting
     protein_bind    257..280
                     /EMSA and DNase I footprinting

BASE COUNT      130 a     79 c     79 g    133 t
        1 gtttaataat tctcgatatt gctccacaaa agtatgagta cttgacctct ataatagaga
       61 tgcatgctca ctaacctgtt tctatatcct gtttggtaat tggtgctgat cgtaggtcat
      121 accaaagaat tacgacttat gccccaccta acttccgtat ccatggccta ttatcgttaa
      181 ttcattttaa ccaaaaggag aacaataaca atgatggcga ctgctttgtt ccttaaagga
      241 ggatgtacct ttgaaccagg ggctgggagg ggtatatata gaaagatgct agtagttcaa
      301 gttagaggtt atataaatat tgaatctagc aagacgaaga gtactatctt ataccaacaa
      361 catctagaag tcaagaaatt tcgctttccc tgtttatctt gccaaagctt tcattgacgt
      421 t

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