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Bibliography of ECM 18

Berg, L. K., Chen, S. W., Wessel, G. M. (1996). An extracellular matrix molecule that is selectively expressed during development is important for gastrulation in the sea urchin embryo. Development. 122(2): 703-13

Nocente-McGrath, C., Brenner, C. A. and Ernst, S. G. (1989). Endo16, a lineage-specific protein of the sea urchin embryo, is first expressed just prior to gastrulation. Dev. Biol. 136 (1): 264-272

Ingersoll, E. P. and Ettensohn, C. A.(1994). An N-linked carbohydrate-containing extracellular matrix determinant plays a key role in sea urchin gastrulation. Dev. Biol. 163 (2): 351-66

Wessel, G. M. and Berg, L. (1995). A spatially restricted molecule of the extracellular matrix is contributed both maternally and zygotically in the sea urchin embryo. Dev. Growth Diff. 37: 517-527

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