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bep3 is a member of a multigenic family, coding for butanol-extractable proteins.
In sea urchin embryos butanol treatment extracts cell surface proteins including the constituents of a 22S particle called toposome, which is believed to play a role in cell interactions (Di Carlo et al., 1990, Montana et al., 1997).


bep3 is a butanol-extractable protein (Di Carlo et al., 1990).
GenBank: 1220432

Subcellular location

bep3 belongs to cell surface proteins (Di Carlo et al., 1990, Montana et al., 1997).

Expression Pattern

bep3 mRNA is present, although, in different amounts, in all the developmental stages.
bep3 maternal messengers are localized in the animal part of P. lividus egg and embryos
It was demonstrated that bep3 mRNA is associated with the cytoskeleton elements and that this association is necessary for its localization (Montana et al., 1997).


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Upstream Genes

LP54 (54-kDa protein)


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