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Spec2a proximal region

LOCUS       PR_SPSPEC2A      539 bp    DNA             INV       14-FEB-1996
DEFINITION  S.purpuratus Spec2a gene proximal region.
DBSOURCE    GENBANK:  name SPSPE2A1, accession X12771
KEYWORDS    calcium binding protein; Spec2 gene, regulation.
SOURCE      purple urchin.
  ORGANISM  Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
            Eukaryotae; mitochondrial eukaryotes; Metazoa; Echinodermata;
            Echinozoa; Echinoidea; Euechinoidea; Echinacea; Echinoida;
            Strongylocentrotidae; Strongylocentrotus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 539)
  AUTHORS   Hardin,P.E., Angerer,L.M., Hardin,S.H., Angerer,R.C. and Klein,W.H.
  TITLE     Spec2 genes of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus. Structure and
            differential expression in embryonic aboral ectoderm cells
  JOURNAL   J. Mol. Biol. 202 (3), 417-431 (1988)
  MEDLINE   89011969
  AUTHORS   Gan,L., Wessel,G.M., Klein,W.H.
  TITLE     Regulatory elements from the related Spec genes of 
            Strongylocentrotus purpuratus yield different spatial patterns
            with lacZ reporter gene
  JOURNAL   Dev. Biol. 142, 346-359 (1990)
  MEDLINE   91078532
  AUTHORS   Gan,L., Zhang,W., Klein,W.H.
  TITLE     Repetitive DNA sequences linked to the sea urchin Spec genes
            contain transcriptional enhancer-like elements
  JOURNAL   Dev. Biol. 139, 186-196 (1990)
  MEDLINE   90228607
  AUTHORS   Kozlowski,M., Gan,L., Venuti,J.M., Sawadogo,M., Klein,W.H.
  TITLE     Sea urchin USF: A helix-loop-helix protein active in 
            embryonic ectoderm cells.
  JOURNAL   Dev. Biol. 148 625-630 (1991)
  MEDLINE   92077291
COMMENT     see x12771, x14529 - x14533 for Spec2a gene exon seq Data kindly
            reviewed (5/589) by Klein W.H.
COMMENT     The Spec2a proximal region is located from -443 to +18. It is
            required for Spec2a basal promoter activity [2,3]. Within this 
            region is a DNA-binding site for the transcription factor USF 
            and a TATA-box. The USF-binding site probably acts as positive 
            element, but its presence generates only basal activity when 
            the Otx sites in Spec2a RSR enhancer are removed 
            and specific mutations at this site do not affect promoter activity [4].
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..539
                     /organism="Strongylocentrotus purpuratus"
                     /clone_lib="lambda EMBL3"
     proximal_region 1..432
                     /note="is reqired for basal promoter activity"
     protein_bind    349..354
     TATA_signal     385..391
     mRNA            415..
        1 gtaacggata aaacaacaaa aagtccacag gagtggttgt tagaagctga aactacatac
       61 aactttcatt ctctcctaac gaaggacgat tttntttaac agcgggtttt cttggacacc
      121 aattttttct ttattaatga ggtccaaggg tccgccttag gtcccctggt agccattgtg
      181 agcgataaca actctagttc atcccttgag attttaatcg cactgccccc attgtgcgct
      241 cctttcagag aggcacaaac acccctcaga tttaacattc tatctcactc aaaaatagca
      301 gacacgctct taactaaaac aacaacaaca acattcctag catatggtca cgtgctttat
      361 ttcaggagtt atcactcttt cttgaataat actcttcgtc agcactccac ccttgccact
      421 ccttgaaagc aagtcgacta gaagagaggt ttagacttta ggtacctgag atccagagaa
      481 atttttactt tctatcttca attttggccg tgtcaatcca atttttaagg atggtaagt

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