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Bibliography of Lvmsp130

Guss, K. A. and Ettensohn, C. A. (1997). Skeletal morphogenesis in the sea urchin embryo: regulation of primary mesenchyme gene expression and skeletal rod growth by ectoderm-derived cues. Development 124 (10):1899-908

Carson, D. D., Farach, M. C., Earles, D. S., Decker, G. L. and Lennarz, W. J. (1985). A monoclonal antibody inhibits calcium accumulation and skeleton formation in cultured embryonic cells of the sea urchin. Cell 41 (2): 639-48

Leaf, D. S., Anstrom, J. A., Chin, J. E., Harkey, M. A., Showman, R. M. and Raff, R. A. (1987). Antibodies to a fusion protein identify a cDNA clone encoding msp130, a primary mesenchyme-specific cell surface protein of the sea urchin embryo. Dev. Biol. 121(1): 29-40

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