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Bibliography of msp130

Harkey, M. A., Whiteley, H. R. and Whiteley, A. H. (1992). Differential expression of the msp130 gene among skeletal lineage cells in the sea urchin embryo: a three dimensional in situ hybridization analysis. Mech. Dev. 37 (3): 173-184

Parr, B. A., Parks, A. L., Raff, R. A. (1990). Promoter structure and protein sequence of msp130, a lipid-anchored sea urchin glycoprotein. J. Biol. Chem. 1990 265 (3): 1408-1413

Anstrom, J. A., Chin, J. E., Leaf, D. S., Parks, A. L. and Raff, R. A. (1987). Localization and expression of msp130, a primary mesenchyme lineage-specific cell surface protein in the sea urchin embryo. Development 1987 101 (2): 255-265

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