The AIDS Pandemic is a podcast exploring the biology of HIV/AIDS, the history of this pandemic, its social, economic, and political consequences, and the latest scientific advances. Please check back regularly for new stories.

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February 23, 2007: Meredith Prasse discusses HIV and injection drug users in Russia
February 16, 2007: Erika Larson examines male circumcision and HIV transmission
February 9, 2007: Rebecca Jameson discusses HIV/AIDS and national security
February 2, 2007: Lauren Finley reviews the history of HIV/AIDS in the US

January 26, 2007: Wes Fiser talks examines pre-exposure chemoprophylaxis
January 19, 2007: Cara Maguire discusses anti-HIV microbicides
January 11, 2007: A note to our listeners
December 26, 2006: Charlie Raver talks about HIV/AIDS stigma in rural America
December 13, 2006: Justin Fried discusses the side effects of HAART
December 11, 2006: Pete Levandoski examines the evolution of the CCR5 deletion
December 4, 2006: Meredith Prasse discussed mother-to-child transmission of HIV
November 22, 2006: Erika Larson investigates the South African disability grant program
November 20, 2006: Listen to Steve Halliday talk about condom use in Zambia
November 14, 2006: Cara Maguire examines the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China
November 10, 2006: Jessica Lahre examines the cell tropism of HIV-1 and HIV-2
November 7, 2006: Lauren Finley discusses women and HIV/AIDS in Africa
November 6, 2006: Christie Brough talks about long-term nonprogressors
November 3, 2006: Page Bomar discusses HIV/AIDS in the Southeastern U.S.
November 1, 2006: Wes Fiser discusses religious fundamentalism and the fight against AIDS in Zambia
October 30, 2006: Rebecca Jameson talks about gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS
October 13, 2006: Product(RED): Raising funds and awareness
September 29, 2006: Jessica Hodge talks about HIV/AIDS in Zambia
September 10, 2006: p75: A protein essential for HIV infection
August 24, 2006: Lucy Marcil talks about the AIDS Conference
August 20, 2006: The XVIth International AIDS Conference
August 1, 2006: MTV: Helping young people learn about HIV/AIDS
July 18, 2006: Atripla - a once a day treatment
July 5, 2006: AIDS and pop culture
June 17, 2006: One person CAN make a difference
June 5, 2006: The 25th Anniversary of AIDS

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