Daniel L. Cooke

Welcome, though more than likely you are a relative, a friend or a teacher and thus I may dispense with the pleasantries. It has been my long standing intention to keep my loving public informed as to the marvels of modern molecular biology and now with the WWW all our dreams have come to fruition. Though the page is still in its embryonic stage, I assure you that only the finest and most interesting aspects of the scientific world shall be graced with the DLC label. My first attempt at attaining WWW fame is a detail of the marvelous affinity chromatography technique.

To learn more about affinity chromatography click here.

After bringing you the wonder that is affinity chromatography many said I would never type again since it is almost impossible to produce perfection twice. In typical DLC fashion though, I have bucked the advice of the critics and gone ahead and again created the flawless. My focus this time falls on the enzyme phospholipase C. Images and sequences a plenty await you on my conveniently linked Gen bank page. Do not forget other additions will follow, each more captivating than the next.

To learn more about phospholipase C click here.

To see a 3-D image of Taq DNA polymerase click here.

To see my MacDNAsis analysis of phospholipase C cDNA click here.

Review Paper: A Cold-Inducible Coactivator of Nuclear Receptors Linked to Adaptive Thermogenesis. click here.

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