Hexokinase is a very important metabolic enzyme in the glycotic pathway.  The glycotic pathway starts with one molecule of glucose and produces two molecules of pyruvate.  Hexokinase acts in the first step of this process, phosphorylating glucose into glucose 6 phosphate.
Structure of hexokinase:  Human Hexokinase Type I Complexed With Atp Analogue Amp-Pnp


Mus musculus hexokinase 1 (Hk1), mRNA

Homo sapians hexokinase (HK) neuclotide sequence

Homo sapians hexokinase (HK) amino acid sequence

Yeast (S.cerevisiae) hexokinase (HXK1) gene, mRNA

Drosophila melanogaster hex gene for hexokinase

Aspergillus niger hexokinase gene and amino acid sequence

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