Hola! So, yo decided to check out my cool webpage? Well, get ready for some excitement! I have spent hours trying to create some links for your pleasure-so check them out! Not only can you explore my favorite websites, but you can also learn more than you'll ever want to learn about a breakthrough molecular biolgy method called displayPROFILETM. Before you start clicking on my buttons, though, you might want to know a little about myself. My name is Carrie Smith and I am a junior at Davidson College. I'm a biology major and chemistry minor. So, i'm  pretty much you're typical pre-med student. I'm from Bloomington, Indiana-which means i'm a Hoosier. I went to Culver Academies in northern Indiana for high school and almost froze to death-that's why i'm in North Carolina right now! My hobbies include running, swimming, gymnastics (especially handstands with RC), listening to music and chillin' with my future roomies-Ashley, Monica, Katie and Lauren. Well, I hope you have fun checking out my sites! I am pretty much computer illiterate so if you see something and just don't understand why it's there-e-mail me-it's probably a product of my own computer stupidity! PEACE!


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