This page presents the results of a MacDNAsis study of the
Mitochondrial Creatine Kinase gene in five organisms.

The cDNAs of the MCK gene from these five organisms were obtained from Genbank search.


This is a diagram of the possible ORFs of the Gallus gallus cDNA. The red triangles indicate possible start codons and the green lines indicate possible stop codons. The longest ORF is 52-1197.

This is a table of the amino acid content of the Mitochondrial CK protein. Note the Molecular Weight of 43109.94 Daltons.


This is a Kyte and Doolittle hydrophobicity chart.  At no point is the 2.0 threshold for an integral membrane protein reached, so the MCK protein does not span the mitochondrial membrane.


This is a Hopp and Woods hydrophobicity chart. The most hydrophobic and therefore best potential antibody site on the MCK gene is in the 35-45 region.


This is a Chou, Fasman and Rose prediction of the MCK secondary structure.  There are 17 helixes and 17 sheets.  To compare this to the Rasmol image of the G. gallus MCK protein, click here.

This is a Multiple amino acid alignment of the cDNAs of the five species examined. Note particularily that the rabbit lacks 35 of the first 40 amino acids.

To compare this with the cDNAs from each organism, click on the Latin names.

To find the genomic or cDNA sequences of equivalent proteins in these five organisms:

           click here for Gallus gallus
           click here for Oryctolagus cuniculus
           click here for Rattus rattus
           click here for Mus musculus
           click here for Homo sapiens

This is a Higgins phylogentic tree of these five species based on the MCK gene.  That the two rodents are most similar is expected The calculated phylogenetic distance between the lagomorph and the other mammalia is striking.


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