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HeWnt-4 is a member of the Wnt gene family, one of the principal families of secreted signaling molecules that orchestrate the development of both invertebrate and vertebrete embryos.
Southern blot analysis demonstrated that HeWnt-4 is a single copy gene (Ferkowicz et al., 1998).


HeWnt-4 is a cell signaling protein.
All idetified sea urchin Wnt sequences contain nine absolutely conserved cysteine residues and a potential N-linked glycosylation sequence (Ferkowicz et al., 1998).
GenBank: 1857936

Subcellular location

Wnt proteins are secreted and do not diffuse more than a few cell diametres from Wnt-expressing cells (Nusse and Varmus, 1992, Siegfried and Perrimon, 1994).

Expression Pattern

The pattern of HeWnt-4 transcript accumulation is similar to that of HeWnt-5, albeit at a slightly lower level. HeWnt-4 expression is first detectable at the mesenchyme blastula stage and continues to be expressed at a similar level throughout gastrulation. The abundance of HeWnt-4 transcripts declines by the early larval stage, similar to that of the HeWnt-5 transcripts. Also like HeWnt-5, there is a second phase of higher expression by the midlarval stage through metamorphosis in H. erythrogramma. These stages are dominated by the precocious development of the adult rudiment in this species (Ferkowicz et al., 1998).

mRNA level

Temporal accumulation

Method 1: RNase protection assay
Reference: Ferkowicz et al., 1998
StageUnfertilized egg 16 cells Late cleavage Early blastula Mesenchyme blastula Early gastrula Late gastrula 36-h early larva 53-h midlarva 70-h late larva 94-h metamorphosing juvenile



Regulatory Regions

Regulatory Connections

Upstream Genes


Downstream Genes

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