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Spec2c RSR enhancer

The experiments identify cis-acting transcriptional elements in the 5`flanking conserved regions of three related Spec genes, Spec1, Spec2a and Spec2c (termed RSR).
If the XhoI fragments of the Spec1, Spec2a and Spec2c contain such transcriptional enhanser-like elements, these fragments are able to drive the expression of the CAT gene using the heterologous SV40 promoter. These fragments were inserted into pSV1 in the forvard and reverse orientation and injected into L. pictus eggs. Unlike Spec2a, in the case of the Spec2c XhoI fragment, activity was seen in the forward but not in the reverse orientation.
When the RSR element upstream of the Spec2c gene was aligned with the corresponding Spec2a element, an insertion of 2942 bp of DNA with respect to Spec2a was apparent (Gan L. et al., 1990).
Alignment of Spec 5'-flanking DNA
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