A. Malcolm Campbell

Academic Background:

Professional Organizations:American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB), Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century (PKAL F21), Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE), Director of the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT), American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Co-Editor-In-Chief of Cell Biology Education: A Journal of Life Science Education. CBE- Life Sciences Education. December 2005 to present. Course Director for Scientific Teaching Series at iBiology.org 2012 to present. CourseSource Advisory Board member; a new type of online biology curriculum journal. 2011 to present.

Honors and Awards:

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Workshops and Presentations

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Current Research Interests

GFP RFP I love synthetic biology

Summer 2011 students: (front) Julia, Tori, Lilly, Pooja; (middle) James, Dr. Heyer, Catherine; (back) Leland, Eric, Duke, Dr. Campbell.
Photo was taken on "Hawaiian Shirt Friday", a tradition in the town of Davidson.

2008 Davidson College iGEM Team of Math and Biology Students
Every Friday is Hawaiian shirt day in the town of Davidvson.
Back row: Max, James, Samantha.
Middle row: Kelly, Erin, Dr. Heyer, Kristi, Pallavi.
Front row: Dr. Campbell, Karlesha, Madeline.

Samantha and Will, class of 2009

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Links to Virtual Posters:

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Current Teaching Interests:

 Bio113: Introductory Biology
(Information, Evolution, Cells)
 Bio114 : Introductory Biology
(Cells, Emergent Properties, Homeostasis)
 Bio111: Introductory Biology
(Cell and Molecular)
 Bio111 Lab: Introductory Biology
(Cell and Molecular)
 Bio304: Molecular Biology Bio304 Lab: Molecular Biology Lab
Bio309: Genomics, Proteomics and Systems Biology Bio343 Laboratory Methods in Genomics
Bio307: Immunology (spring 2006 my last time) Concentration in Genomics
(established fall 2004)
Seminar in Synthetic Biology
Group Investigation in Synthetic Biology

Graduate Fellowships Web Page

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